Too nice and trusting

I had a talk with Marty yesterday about how he is too nice and trusting towards everyone. People walk all over him because of this. Not only has the other caregiver stolen thousands from him because he trusted her and handed over his credit card and not only has his sister held onto his $70,000 from their mother’s estate and given him all kinds of excuses as to why she can’t give it to him yet… but now I find out that this woman Candy that he’s hoping is coming to move in with him and take care of him and have a relationship with has asked him for money. She preyed on the fact that he’s wanting her here soon and said she can’t get here soon because she doesn’t have any income anymore and she can’t afford a moving truck or a storage facility for her stuff so she can just drive up. So he asked how much she needed and she asked for $1,000. Once he sent it to her in a cash app he hadn’t heard from her again. I had suspected all along that she’s only giving him attention for the money. I didn’t know she asked for money yet just that everything about her coming to Ohio revolved around how much money he’d give her and if he’d pay her bills, etc… I don’t feel it’s my place to tell him this and am afraid if I do that he’ll be mad and get rid of me. Her not texting him back at all is proving it to him itself but even the hint of her answering him will put aside all his doubts again. I guess all I can do is watch it play out. He’s really depressed right now because of all the shit going wrong in his life right now. He got drunker last night than he had in a week or so because he was wallowing in despair. 

After all of this theft from Angel Marty turned around and gave me his credit card for fast food runs for his son and anything that might come up that he needs. When he gave it to me I lectured him. I asked him how long he’s known me (going on 3 weeks) and explained to him that I could be just like Angel and take his credit card on a shopping spree or something. He said he knows he can trust me… and I said I bet he said the same thing about Angel. He agreed he did. I told him I’d never steal from him but he doesn’t know that for sure and yet after 3 weeks he handed over his card. I asked if he understood what I was saying and he said he did… but he still gave me his card. I’ll make sure he gets receipts everytime I use that card too. Today he wanted me to go to the liquor store and get him more vodka with his card. Amazingly they wouldn’t allow me to use it. They said they needed ID that matched the card being used. I explained he’s quadriplegic and doesn’t really get out at all and they asked if I heard his ID which I didn’t so they wouldn’t let me use his card. So I paid for it and picked up bottle for myself. I usually don’t drink much but this is Salted Caramel Vodka. I tasted it at his house and it’s so good! It’ll probably last a year or so in my freezer, lol. Yesterday Marty asked me to go pick up Taco Bell for his son and I had to pay for it too so today when they make out my check it will include the money for that and the vodka. I worked 6 days this week. Who knows what next week will hold!

I couldn’t get ahold of my son to mow my lawn yesterday and it needed done before it rained again so I found a local person who started their own business in town doing some landscaping. I couldn’t be home when they were planning on coming to mow so I left the money in the mailbox. They messaged me when they got to my house and again when it was finished. They did a good job though I like my lawn to be cut a little closer than what they did it. I messaged her today to ask if next time they could cut it closer and she said yes. They’re going to do all the weed whacking that needs done also next time. I set it up so they’d do it once a week for me. I didn’t want to have to pay someone to do it but I can’t rely on my son with his work schedule and sleeping so long in the daytime. It’s just not working!

I got my groceries again today and got them put away. I’ll be making more salad all week this week and next. It’s easier to do that and take it with me to work than cooking a meal. I hate reheating a meal though I’m going to have to very over that because I can’t eat only salad for the rest of my life. I was planning on making salads on work nights and cook other things on nights off but it’s turning into a 7 night a week job.

Yesterday I went to Sam’s Club to get my water and a nice big canister of mixed nuts lightly salted to munch on in between meals. So last night I had to have my daughter come over after work to take them out of my trunk and put them in the house for me. Afterwards she regaled me in stories of what she encounters at work in the long term care facility for mental health. She had me cracking up so hard! What she sees and goes through there is hilarious! It was the first night in over 2yrs that I didn’t read before bed. I was just so sore and tired when she left that I went straight to bed!

I’ve had to change alot of my routines since starting work. I use to shower before bed but now I have to do that in the morning when I get up. I eat at a different time now too and I don’t get in 3hrs of reading every night. It’s down to anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half. All depends on when I get home. I use to do things in a certain order in the mornings and it’s all changed. My dogs don’t know what’s going on. My mom always said I was so set in my ways and that I needed to be able to change it up. Well she got her wish!

I think that’s about all. It’s raining alot here and has been having mostly mild temperatures. I hope everything is good with all of you! Take care!

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3 weeks ago

money makes people do crazy shit


3 weeks ago

I am not sure there are a lot of places who will take his card from you.  You are amazing the way you’ve readjusted to the schedule.  You are doing such a great job with your healthy eating.  Keep up the great work.  🙂

2 weeks ago

@tracker2020 Actually most places will take his card because they don’t check when you use it. This was the first place I ever had check the card. 

2 weeks ago

I get maybe 30 minutes of reading in before bed. Sometimes I fall asleep before that, though!