Trying everything

I talked to a dog behavioralist/ trainer recently about my dog Tito and the way he frantically barks when he heard sounds outside of my house or if he sees a person or a dog outside. She said it sounds like he is high anxiety. She scheduled us for a consult on the 30th of this month but in the meantime have me a couple things to try. First she mentioned a white noise machine. She said to position it near the front door to down out outside noise and to run it all day. So I got on Amazon and ordered one which came today. It’s on right now. The other thing she suggested trying was a specific brand of CBD oil for dogs. She said she’s seen great results from dogs using that. It’s for not only calming him but also helps his immune system. One small bottle of that cost me $73! I just received it today also and gave him his first dose. I’m really hoping these 2 things will help him alot.  My dog Bailey is living with my daughter and son now because of Tito attacking her when he would get into a frenzy. Otherwise he always loved on her and was fine around her. I just can’t keep her here until we see if we can stop this behavior in Tito. The consultation with the trainer is 90 minutes and costs $175. Tito’s the most expensive dog I’ve ever had. I’ll do anything to try and help him though, he’s my baby!

Everything else in my life is going pretty good as well except for 2 things…1.) I recently got my new CPAP machine and it works wonderfully but after about a week of using it suddenly I’ve come down with a rash on the sides of my face. The mask I use is the same kind I’ve used for many years except this one has a fabric like covering over the plastic straps. That’s what’s causing me the rash. I have to use it nightly so I’m going to have a rash all the time unless I figure a way out to fix it. And I don’t know what to do other than switching to a different mask and I don’t want a different one. 2.) I had my semi annual doctor’s appointment for my check up and blood work. Amazingly the blood work showed my thyroid is finally controlled and so is my vitamin D levels. However it also showed my triglycerides are elevated and my liver enzymes are high. I’ve been a pretty healthy woman all my life so this shocks me. I’ve been eating so healthy and losing all kinds of weight so why are my triglycerides elevated now? They should be at 150 and mine are at 159. I understand what causes that and I wouldn’t be surprised they were elevated awhile ago but now to show up makes no sense. Then Lilly did some googling and found that when your triglycerides are up its indicative of fatty liver disease. Normally I wouldn’t worry too much about something from Google but with my liver enzymes also high it makes me wonder if I have that. I go for a liver ultrasound on the 15th so we’ll see where this goes. I’m already doing everything they tell you to do to fix the problem such as eating healthier, not drinking sugary drinks and losing weight. So there’s really nothing I can change. Speaking of which, I lost another 6lbs in February. That’s a total of about 38lbs now since I’ve decided to make these life changes. 

Well that’s all for today. I have to sweep and mop my dining room and kitchen before work. Take care my friends!

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March 7, 2022

some dogs are very protective of their home and bark like that

March 7, 2022

@kaliko No, he is way over the top. I sent a video to the trainer of what he does and she agreed it’s not normal. It’s more due to anxiety.

March 7, 2022

Fatty liver disease might be left over from when you were heavier and it may take your body time to catch up. Liver disease of course is also correlated to liquor, but you’re not a drinker, so that isn’t the cause.

March 7, 2022

@darkmadonna Yeah I know but I figured it would show up before, not wait until I lose 38lbs and eat alot better. And you’re right, I’m not much of a drinker. 

March 8, 2022

I hope everything with Tito works out! CBD oil is expensive…but maybe it will help? Poor little dog.