Tuesday’s thoughts

It’s so cool out today I had to wear my leggings and a tunic. It’s the first time I have work this shirt.  I bought 4 of the same tunics in 4 different colors to wear with my leggings. I didn’t realize that the sides of these tunics are cut real high up on the sides. It’s not bad just a little chilly when I lift my arms up.

I just got through making Peanut Butter Cup Brookies. They are chocolate chip cookie dough topped with a peanut butter cup then topped with brownie batter and baked. I’m just waiting for them to finish baking. They smell delicious!

Tonight for dinner I decided I’m going to make Loaded Broccoli Potatoe Soup and grilled cheese. I hope it comes out as good as it looks. 

I’m caught up on all my chores and don’t have any plans today unless I run by my daughter’s house later. She’s getting new carpet installed throughout her whole house today and is really excited. I might go by to see it. Luckily for her, her dad is paying for it. It’s costing about $3500. I need new carpet in my living room and bedrooms but I have other things I needed to get and/or pay before I do that. I’d like to first buy my son some fall/ winter clothes… just a few things and I’d like to save some money to buy some Christmas gifts this year, then I’d like to start making extra payments to my car and get it paid off before I decide to get carpet. Originally I was suppose to come into enough money to pay my car off before January but because of Covid and the courts being behind who knows when it’ll show up. I’ll use it when it does finally show up for the carpet instead… unless it does miraculously show up before I get it paid off. I’m kinda playing it by ear, taking one day at a time. It’s all I can do. I may not have alot of money but I am pretty good at budgeting what I do have and I’ve already started budgeting the amount of money I’ll have come January/ February when I lose $900 of my income. I just hope nothing major comes up and throws a wrench in my plans. 

That’s all I got today! Take care and have a good day!

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2 weeks ago

it is a little cooler here too… enjoy!

2 weeks ago

We have a really bad fire here..


I know when I try to save money it always takes me till the day I will need it like Christmas presents. But I start my Christmas shopping like right now…September….and then I have it all by November and can worry about the free Turkey I get and the rest of the goodies….

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone That fire looks awful! I start my shopping usually in October if I have the money, otherwise it waits or doesn’t get done at all.