Weather change

Last night’s dinner came out really good and the amount of chicken I thawed out and cut into strips was more than I needed so today I’m making the same dinner again. The spicy orange sauce was so tasty too! I have plenty of it left for dinner tonight and even had enough to give some to my mom for the leftover chicken strips I brought her. I love coconut and it made the strips taste really good. 

I don’t have alot to do today. I came home from my mom’s, ate lunch and started my laundry. I have to very ahold of my son to pick a day he can come home and mow the lawn and take the air conditioners out of the windows. I checked the weather forecast for the next week and a half and we have one day that is 79°, otherwise we’re in the low 70’s and high 60’s. I have been wanting to open my windows to let the cool air in but I can’t because of the air conditioners. I also discovered today that I should have worn jeans or leggings because sitting on my mom’s porch was quite chilly. I did wear a new t- shirt that I bought when I did my fall shopping but I still wore shorts. I think it’s about time I get out all my fall and winter clothes because before you know it it’ll be too cool to wear any of the summer stuff. 

Nothing else going on, just another quiet boring day. I’m going to go check on my clothes in the dryer then watch TV til dinner time. I hope everyone else has a more eventful day.

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2 weeks ago

I feel bad for you because you have to wait so long for stuff to get done.  And for stuff to get fixed.

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone I don’t wait too long,  a couple days at most.