Before you were mine

This morning I said a little prayer of gratitude for the love my children received from their caregivers before we were able to hold them in our arms. I am grateful to their birth-mothers for choosing the path they did for them. I am grateful for the nurses and staff at the orphanage who loved them and nurtured them 24/7. I am grateful for everyone who portrays adoption and orphanages in a positive and loving way. It saddens me a great deal that it is mostly negative press given to this important part of life. I and my children think of ourselves as ambassadors for change in impressions and attitudes toward adoption. It is a path and a journey that I am grateful to be a part of. My love goes out to all of you who share this path with me and my family.

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April 17, 2018

lovely and kind words


April 18, 2018

Beautiful thoughts. You and your children have a wonderful commitment .