C’mon Spring for heaven’s sake!

My cat spied a big fat robin in our back yard.  Gave me a little hope for spring which is taking it’s sweet freaking time getting here this year. I was ecstatic when I could actually see my fat-cat garden statue start to emerge from the receding snow just a couple of weeks ago. Looking out from the back door yesterday, I think I spied a little bit of purple crocus. I didn’t go out to investigate further. I am really hoping the weather takes a serious turn for the better come May.

I like hearing the clickity clack of the keys on my laptop as I write. D on the other hand has taken to writing with a feather quill and ink. She loves it. She doesn’t do her school work with it, but she writes in her journals with it. It’s pretty cool to see her doing that. So interesting when you think of the contrast between laptop and quill pen and all that has happened in the centuries between their use . D and I had a little discussion about growing up. She was very moody yesterday. She wants me to baby her. I told her (once again) I love to baby her when I can. But I also told her (once again) that I want her to learn to be an independent woman. She knows that and appreciates my reminders. She is – like most every other teenage – such a study in contrasts. Love her so much. We leave for vacation on Friday night. I am so afraid she is going to get her period while we are at the beach. She has not learned to use tampons yet. I asked her if she wanted to, to which she replied “NO!”. I think it would be very hard for her at the beach to not go swimming with everyone. Her friend’s mom told me she gave her own daughter tampons and suggested she try them in her own time so she wouldn’t be so anxious if she needed them.  I would like D to do the same and I hope she will.

Friday I met my former boss out for a beer with H and another friend. It was great to see him. He’s doing well after being fired from here on 2/1. Landed on his feet. I’m so happy he did. He works hard and is very good to those under his management. The rest of Friday was family time – pizza party and the movie DMe3.  The movie was meh. But the kids like it. Sat morning I had an energetic 5 mile run. It was chilly and cloudy but I felt great. Sat afternoon was a blur of just stuff that needed to be done. Sat eve the kids were both off to friend’s houses for the night. H and I had a date night in planned. We cooked a new recipe – something the kids wouldn’t eat. Watched TV and movies the kids can’t watch with us. Got high. Had great sex. So much relaxing fun. Sunday morning was H’s awesome omelet for breakfast and some more “us” time before the kids had to come home.

Went to visit MIL in the afternoon. She just returned from FL and it was her b’day on Thurs. Good to see her. The kids took her dog out for a walk around the neighborhood. Good for both kids and dog. Later on the little shit bit me. He’s a rotten little beast. Well, really he’s just a little dog that hasn’t been properly trained. My MIL sucks at dog training. The dog just walks all over her. I was putting his water bowl down while he was finishing his dinner and he just grabbed my hand and held on. My kids were scared, I was seething pissed but remained calm for my kids sake. I wanted to just clock the dog in the head but I didn’t because that would have done nothing but upset everyone more. I just hate the thought of it hurting her or worse yet the little neighbor kids that occasionally visit her.

Guess that’s all for now. Time to stop the clickity clack and move on to lunch. Oh and some work I guess.

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