Easter, mom & dad

Easter weekend was nice. We spent a little time with the many nieces and nephews. My sister’s youngest who will be 13 soon, went to a movie and colored Easter eggs with us. He mentioned his mother and how she liked bunnies. I told him about the bunnies that she and I had as pets over our childhood years.  I told H how much I appreciated his patience with the kids and my family. In-laws are tough – no matter how you slice and dice it. Mom and I had a tearful moment together. I relayed the story of how D reacted to the beautiful sunrise we had last week. I told Mom how I give full credit to her for my love of the natural beauty around us and that I am giving that to D. She said she credits her own father who she lost when she was 14 for the same. We went on to talk about how we don’t get enough time together. We talked about my sister. I went to the cemetery. I don’t like going there. I’ve said it before – I don’t feel the need to cry over her bones. She is all around me. I cry to her whenever and wherever I need to. I speak to her whenever and wherever I need to. But H suggested we go to the cemetery. I suppose it is a good practice for D and S. To know they have the option to go there. We brought a pretty pink and white azalea and set it at her stone. D always gives me a knowing hug when we are there. The kids picked up the scattered twigs and leaves from the site. H has taught them that tidying up her resting site is a nice thing to do. It needs grass seed. Hopefully the maintenance folks will do that soon. When it is my time, I would like to be a tree. I read somewhere that you can plant a tree with your ashes. I need to put that in writing. In my will I guess? Mom and Dad will have their ashes buried at Mom’s church. Dad doesn’t go to church. Never has. He looks scared when he is forced to go (hahaha). Like when he was walking me down the aisle. I have a pic of him looking a bit nervous. Anyway, it was actually Dad that suggested that he and Mom rest in the garden at the church. The church is across the street from my grandmother’s house. That was one of the reason’s he suggested it. Dad surprises me so much. I feel a little choked up as I write this. He’s a good person. But over the years I have felt like he hasn’t treated Mom the best. He’s a bit disrespectful. He’s got some Archie Bunker in him. Some. And alas Mom has a tiny bit of Edith in her. But as I get older I see that part of it is a generational thing. Mom just does everything for him. He’d be so lost without her. But they have made it work for 60 years. And I love them more and more every day for that.

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