Just wasting time

OK – I’m getting ready to go through a short spreadsheet of open orders that need to be closed. I can do this. It’s been on my desk since yesterday. There are a lot of things on my desk that have been here a lot longer. But this one is a little more time sensitive. Some of my work stuff I leave so long that it becomes….I don’t know what….out dated? Insignificant? Doesn’t matter anymore? Hard to explain. I’m just not all that motivated. I am counting the days – though I don’t know exactly how many. I’ll be gone from here in about 2 months. I hope they don’t want to keep me any longer than that. H is pretty supportive. I think he sees the value in my increased presence at home. Don’t get me wrong – he still wants me to make some monetary contribution. I won’t be completely unemployed for too long. Probably just the summer.~~~~OK 3 hours later and I don’t have this thing done. We had a quarterly all hands meeting. Forgot about that. That’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back. Then lunch after that. They still give us pizza and salad after the quarterly’s. One of the things they haven’t cut from the budget. Shockingly. So I’m back here. Just get through this stupid spreadsheet today. That’s all I want to do. After work it’s pedicure (I hope), haircut (definitely) and book group (maybe). We are almost all packed for the trip. I’m re-thinking a few pieces of clothing because the weather is looking cooler than I am currently prepared for.~~~~Alright, I’m done here.

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