Mom, Grateful Dead, the weekend

Celebrating mom. It was just a day like any other. I really don’t need a specific day on the calendar.  But Hallmark believes I do so second Sunday in May it is. I sent my mom flowers as I do every year now. She loves and appreciates them. I do wish I could deliver them in person though. I knew we would be going to my MIL for the day. And I was fine with that. Friday night S had a friend over for the night. Really good kid. The boys stayed up later than they should have but oh well that’s what you do when your 11 or 12. Saturday morning the 4 of us went to a nursery for plants. First stopped at my new coffee place for an Americano. Good stuff.  Once at the nursery I got my plants for the walkway and some for the urns. Got some plants to pot up for MIL.  H and the kids were good and patient while I took my time selecting the right plants. I had sternly forewarned them – haha. After the nursery, it was on to grocery shop. Fed the kids lunch there. They love the burger bar and sub bar at this particular market.  Back home we all just chilled out. Was kind of a crappy day. H and I had evening plans to see a Grateful Dead cover band. I was super excited to go. Great venue – a local farm – just the kind of place I feel happiest. Went with good friends. And this particular cover band is phenomenal. Had so much fun. There was a group of folks who were really tripping on something. They were entertainment in and of themselves. All in the spirit of fun and love. Nobody cares what anyone does as long as no one gets hurt. When H and I got home we checked on our soundly sleeping babies. All was well and we sealed their slumber with a kiss.  We went out to the back deck and got high under the stars and made love. H has been a more attendant lover. He’s growing up I suppose. Funny thing to say about a 51 year old. But I can’t say that is not true of myself.  You think you know so much when you’re a 20 or even 30 something. You know little about love and sex. ~~~And then it was suddenly Sunday. I was up at my usual early hour. Went for a nice walk in the woods with a friend. When I got back H was making breakfast. He said I needed to get back in bed. The kids were excited to show me some mother’s day love. They both came in and snuggled with me. We laughed and giggled and snuggled for quite a while. That was the only thing I needed. They wanted to do the breakfast in bed thing, but I convinced them we should eat at the table. They each gave me a ceramic piece they made. And handmade cards. D painted a ginger cat and S a coffee mug. Both are awesome! After cleaning up breakfast we headed down to MIL’s. In an unusual turn of the weather it was all sunshine and beautiful at home and cloudy, rainy and chilly at my MIL’s. But the gloomy weather aside, we had a nice visit. SIL and I potted plants for her. She was most appreciative.  Had a nice afternoon dinner of steak on the grill, pasta salad, fruit salad and corn on the cob ( which was surprisingly good for this time of year!). The kids all made dinner. We told my MIL she could make dessert – but that was all – since she asked to make dinner. She had a delicious cheesecake and peaches and cream cake. H, kids and I were back home by about 6:30. So that was a wrap. Good weekend.~~~Back to the grind on Monday. Just another day. Weather was nice. Got outside for a run with my Monday night Y group. It was a hard run for me. My legs felt like lead. And I’m not acclimated to the warmer temps yet.~~~Tuesday I played hooky from work and worked as a sub teacher. I have been registered as a sub since January and I get calls constantly for jobs that I have to decline due to still being full time employed. However I mistakenly accepted a job from one of the several robo-calls I get daily. So I figured fuck-it, I’ll skip work that day and give it a try. I loved it. I subbed in for the Spec Ed teacher. I took small groups of kids to do lessons with them. I was in classrooms to assist with lessons. It was so fun! Can I see myself doing this full time? Yes, I think I can. I’m smiling as I write this – obviously this is something I feel good about. Positive about. I found it rewarding.

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May 16, 2018