I love food! ^.^

Hey Guys!
It’s Sunday evening and I am waiting for my pizza ^.^
My favourite one called Gringo with dressing, cheese, salami, mushrooms, onion and pepper ^.^

Generally salami in pizza is the only way for me to eat any cold meat.
Cuz I just hate it.
I know I should eat it, even my diet-doctor (can I say it in one word in English? because in Polish I can) is always afraid that I still don’t want to eat much meat.

Because of fact that my diet is really strict I needed to stop being vegetarian. 
Cuz my health is more important than my ideology. -.-”
But I promised myself that when I put on weight and keep it during 1,5 year I will became vegetarian back XD
I know it sounds stupid.

But there is no another way.
I am losing weight fast, and I don’t want to look like a skeleton never again…

It’s long story.
Story about my illnesses with make look like I have anorexia…
About how much my live changed
About months of diagnosing with no results
with no answer why it looks like that.
Why I was looking bad and felt bad, loosing consciousness, loosing weight, crying.

It was hard time for me.
But now it’s OK. I just need this diet.
I am afraid because always when I think that I put on weight and everything is OK, it comes back.
And turns my live into ruin.
My mum shouts at me. I am always afraid when she does it…
But it’s not my fault… ;/

It’s not so hard to keep this diet for me now.
I had some troubles at beginning.
Now it’s OK.
I woke up, eat breakfast (about 250kcal) (sometimes take pills)
After 3 or 4 hours I need to take from 200-300kcal.
Then midday meal. Two dishes and dessert 🙂 (about 1000/1500kcal at all)
About 6pm I take (healthy) snack worth about 200-300kcal.
And my last meal is really late (about 9pm) and has about 300kcal.
During the whole day I am drinking water, juices from fruits (250ml has about 100kcal) or carrot juice (about 150-200kcal). 
Even my best friends accept fact that during our meeting I need to drink juice or eat something.
It’s crazy especially on dates.
When alarm clock reminds me "meal!" XD

OMG! I really didn’t want to write about it… Yeah…
It’s always like that when I don’t plan what I want to write.
I still have to write my articles to our school newspaper.
Deadline is on 9th February, but I have 3 articles to write.
Today I try to take up "Story of Valentine’s Day" and have no idea what to write.
Try to found some informations in the Internet… Hard…

Maciek in mountains…
He is having fun and I am happy about it. ^.^
He is coming back next Saturday… ^.^
Can’t wait. 😀

Love is something if You give it away!

I need to go bye bye :*

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Diet doctor -> Nutritionist is probably what you’re looking for. 🙂 I’m sitting here starving hungry. I can smell dinner and it’s 40 minutes away. Sigh. 🙁