entrepreneurial struggles

My business has been on my mind a lot lately.

As it should be, I guess?

I have this friend who I didn’t really know in high school, but she followed me on Facebook after graduating and was one of my biggest supporters as an author. Then I started a business, and out of nowhere the heavens opened up and she became my business partner. I think I started it last August? We’re still trying to figure out what to make of it.

We have plans for it to be a brick and mortar store, but for now it’s all online. In fact, we just recently changed our business model so that we’re an Amazon affiliate as our main stream of income. This will change once we figure out more of the facts.

But we’ve had no luck.

We’re not just some business. We’re a self-care boutique. All the products we share relate to self-care and mental health. We’ve had a couple hundred link clicks and two unrelated buys, and we haven’t made a penny. We haven’t had luck getting engagement or new followers either, on Facebook or Instagram.

We’re struggling with figuring out how to do that.

One of the major goals of the business is to make it a fun, relaxing place where anyone can feel welcome and have fun. As such, we’re bringing in our unique talents. I’ve been learning tarot, so I do a self-care tarot draw of the day as well as tarot readings. My business partner, Ashley, is making a new product from scratch that she’ll be selling through our page. We also post the product of the day, occasional journal prompts, and sometimes we share encouraging thoughts and pictures of ourselves. We don’t really utilize stories and we’re only just about to start doing livestreams.

I’m not sure what more to do aside from contests, and my anxiety is getting in the way of learning how to do contests.

We have such a good, powerful thing going on here with so much potential. How do we get more attention?

Maybe we need to start treating it more like it has all that potential and be bold in striking out and gathering fans.

At the same time, this isn’t our final business model. We do want to be a brick and mortar store. We want to offer products that don’t come from Amazon.

So, really, what do we do?

I just feel stuck.

We’ll see. Somehow we’ll figure this out.

It’s just a little frustrating in the meantime.

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