Little too late

I got scammed today, over a phone supposedly for my studies. It hurts to have to bear with it, and it hurts more how much money my parents gave off to help me have that phone. Cruel, how I saw that as an opportunity to take whatever from others. I have always been a just person, but it seems as if this world does not want justice at all. A small thing, you might think. But that small thing is enough for me to jump from the edge. Suicidal thoughts cloud my judgement, and I am nearly on the verge of either grabbing a set of pills, or slicing myself into shreds like a ribbon seemingly tired of being blown by the wind. This might be my first and last entry, and you might even actually know me. You might want to help me, but its a little too late.

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October 13, 2021

I can’t pretend to understand, and I am just a random internet stranger to you, but I would listen if you wanted to talk.


I hope this is the first of many entries.

October 13, 2021

how kind of you @sleeponflyon. Living in a not-so economically stable country that forces school within our hands at home within a pandemic has been a struggle. many children have been trying to earn for whatever technological advancements may offer to be used to aid said studies. Now that I have lost mine, over a scam that included the money my parents desperately earned, well it sucks massively to have to deal with. And to have a rage-filled feeling of wanting to steal what has been stolen from me. The world is unjust, and I wanted to end things. But your kind words make me want to stay. We need more people like you.


October 13, 2021

@marianne  I’ve never learned anything worth knowing without struggling for it. The most important lessons were learned in my darkest moments and they meant everything. We need more people like you too. Keep writing. Keep moving forward. Within your mind you are infinite. Don’t let anything or anyone keep you small. Expand.