Our weekend

Hello and happy weekend everyone!

So how much does the weekend matter for you? Do you work weekends or do you have your time off? I’m off, and I’m  going to spend my time with my family, that’s what matters. Probably going to play cards or do some board games. We always try spending some time together all of us when we can, watching a movie sometimes is fun social activity as well. We often travel up to our family cabin in the mountain, one and a half hour away from here, we really enjoy that too, not being home all the time and just having a fantastic time there as well, that matters. Then we make a fire outside, putting some coffee or even dinner on the fire, so it can boil and cook for a few hours while we do stuff or outside activity together.

Things like that matters for use now in these difficult strange times, family matters and that’s what I’m grateful for.

I hope you all enjoy now, make moments with your loved ones



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