Today was a day off, but not really

I am just writing since I haven’t written anything in a while. I have been so busy with work, kids, family, etc. I am so tired, but I know at the end of the day, I accomplished something. I could write a book on all the things happening in my life right now, but I can’t find the time or energy. Maybe one day I will find time. If I just get a fraction of what’s on my mind on paper, then I will be satisfied. This is most likely boring for others to read, but it’s helpful for me. I am currently feeling tired, relaxed, and ready to wind down for the day. The kids have been driving me crazy. I love them so much, but I really enjoy some silence once in a while. I was off today, but still kept busy for most of the day. I woke up late, again. I guess I just really do like to sleep. I really need to work on getting myself up in the morning and just starting the day energized. I get plenty of sleep, so I don’t know what the problem could be. I think my mind just goes so fast that I need more sleep to recover. I most definitely have ADD as well as OCD. Anyway, back to my day, after I woke up, I proceeded to get myself and Asher ready. After that, I went to get my brother, Ryan, for his weekly trip to Costco. We finished our errands and I took him home. Asher was perfect as always. I have to wrap this up because I have an early day tomorrow at work. I really hope all goes well tomorrow. I’m excited to continue to grow and advance in my career. Asher said the sweetest thing today. He offered to stay with Drexal in their bedroom so Drexal would not get scared. I just felt overwhelmed with love and pride for him. I did get the mailbox key, finally, and can now get our mail. Yay! Joey got a check for $66 .69. Anything helps at this point. I’ll end things saying, “ I am optimistic for tomorrow. I want to continue with a positive outlook. Everything will be fine and I am a survivor.” I will write again when I can find the time.

Marissa M.

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