A Sims 2 update! And more too!

Song of the day:

And here is the update!

I will play again today.. I ended up with an Acer computer that my Bees gave me. It’s a good machine. ❤️ I’m out here with my girls. G is being a prick as always, but I pay no heed… 

Leo is a cutie as always, he was sleeping when I got back in from hanging with Maman and the others outside in the back. He has the softest tail ever. He likes when you pat his bunny bum. In fact, he loves when you stroke him. He is such an affectionate bunny.

Anyways… I will chat you up later…


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April 16, 2023

nice song

April 17, 2023

Awe Leo, what a good good baby!!!  I love that you have him!

April 17, 2023

@strawberryjelly I know he is Flemish Giant but he the cutest little bun bun ever. 😀