Drinking water and trying to wake up…

And so, here I sit, on my non operational Ghost Bed, at 5a, tryinl to wake up and sipping on water bc I need the water… I haven’t read much of Harry’s book in awhile… I am slowly reading the Royal Redhead’s memoir … the operative word here is ‘slowly’.

My friend Michelle alerted me to a rather neat site: audacity dot com. You can make podcasts, or voice auditions if you want to be a vocal actor, or like me, talk random gibberish at 2a. (Not that I haven’t done that lol) Or you can recite poetry, sing, idk what else, but it a nice free progy to have..

I do believe that my free time is ending soon, but I will sub asap. It might be a wee wait, but good things come to those who wait right???

I need to buy pillows. Bc, mine are wrecked… I think I will order them off Wayfair.. and I did…

Anyways, take care of yourselves, love with all your heart, and I will chat you up later!


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3 weeks ago

Have a good day Sammy.

I like when I have new pillows. There’s something about it that is very enjoyable.

3 weeks ago

@heffay Yepp… how fluffy they are? 🙂

3 weeks ago

@mattinykanenlover yup, very enjoyable to use.

3 weeks ago

@heffay I am not getting new pillows after all…  Maman washed my old ones!! She is the best. 🙂