Fresh as a Daisy

I just had my dinner; pot pies and veggies and leftover soup from lunch and I was right about yesterday being the last day of my cycle. I am going to go with Vic to the tax clinic tomorrow. And I have my annual bone density test that Alsahli wants every year. Ugh. I hope they allow Bees to go with me bc the last test I had, was during the pandemic and they wouldn’t let her in. 

I am going to not panic about these two events. They will go smoothly, that is my mantra. I might listen to Nirvana to calm down as Kurt Cobain’s music calms me. IDK why but it just does. I have the weirdest calming mechanisms. LOL!!!

I am going to relax til I go to sleep which is shortly after meds and snack bc my sleeping aid kicks in soon thus. I think I will take my 3DS XL with me to the tax clinic for something to do while I wait. 🙂

I might ask Vic if she could ask Dave to top off my card with some of the residual cash… 

Anyways, have a good night, and I will report back tomorrow late aft. 

Love every last one of you. 🙂



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March 21, 2023

Do you have snow? Yuck! And try not to stress over the  bone density test… there are meds that can help repair that

March 22, 2023

@kaliko Yes, we do. I know? I am SO READY for warmer weather. Yeah… stupid dr wants me to do it every year. Osteoporosis is a bitch.