Hello again…

It’s me, Sammy… I am thisclose to getting a sub… I just need to wait for Dave to come back and e-transfer me some cash. 🙂 I can’t wait!! I have to pay my Rogers bill and get my subs to OD, and LJ… maybe to GNJ too. I need to get this done soon. So, Dave has gone to get the mail, and that’s about it, alongside my finances…..

What’s new with y’all? I am going to just relax tonight, maybe play some games… I have Tekken 3D: Prime Edition as you know that I love my fighting games… I have Ecco the Dolphin which I first played on the Sega Genesis… so f-cking long ago though!!! LOL .. I have more games, like the Denpa Men games, I have word games, puzzles and other stuff… like my usual Style Savvy and AC and Pokemon.


Off to play Denpa Men. LOL… that game is super weird!!! You have to think of the many combinations of elements, every denpa person has an element, like fire, electricity, water… etc etc.


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2 weeks ago

Hello Sammy! I hope you have a good night tonight. Get lots of rest

2 weeks ago

@heffay ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

1 week ago

What is GNJ?

Nothing new with me…same thing, different day.

1 week ago

@happyathome Goodnight Journal. 🙂 If you join, I am wint3rpear.