One down, one to go!!

So, the tax thing is good and done. It was painless and fast. I even did not freak out when I took the taxi back to Newmarket from Aurora which I usually do bc strange people weird me out…. the taxi driver was a gent but still… I am not exactly xenophobic but my anxiety is the reason. šŸ™ Mental illness sucks!

Tomorrow is the day I go for my bone density test. I have osteoporosis… so.. yeah, I am pretty young to have that, but, I do… apparently according to Dr. Alsahli my endo. Sometimes I think he is rather dodgy. I think that half the time even… drs usually are. LOL I’m getting to that age where I scrutinize drs motives…. a little medical history on me. I am a pituitary dwarf, midget, whatever you want to call it… yes! I am a Little Person… if I hadn’t had HGH (Human Growth Hormone) I would be very stunted and like 3 feet tall instead of more or less normal proportioned and a rather normal 5 feet. Also I need estrogen and progestogen to get my periods, so the reason I want to be wary of this Alsahli guy is bc he wants me on these pills to get my period til I’m 60. Something about the osteoporosis? On the same coin, he was wondering if I wanted to go back on the HGH but I reneged on that bc apparently it causes cancer… (again he is being dodgy as hell) but I took it from age 8 til roughly 18??? I don’t know how that works but I would certainly get taller. It would be nice to be maybe 5’6 or something. I kind of envy tall people.

Anyways, there is that out of the way. I just can’t wait for tomorrow to come and be gone and it be easygoing Friday. I love having zero pressure… I don’t do well under pressure.. ha.


Ha!! I am just going to relax now. I need to get some sleep… I was drowsy all day today for some reason. But I will watch some movie no doubt. I want to watch Terrifier again. I absolutely recommend that movie to any fan of gore.

Maybe I will play a Pokemon game… or Tomodachi Life, I started over in that game bc the relationship dynamics got f-cked up. Everyone was coupled up wrong. And, I could be wrong, but same sex couples CAN work in TL. I’m pretty sure they can… don’t quote me on it though. šŸ™‚

I have two versions of AC:NL (the original + a hacked cheats heavy one) I love them both and will have pictures soon.


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March 22, 2023

Hm, I don’t know enough about medicine to give an opinion on the thing. Especially with the period stuff. By 60, wouldn’t it be “normal” for menopause to kick in and then no more periods? I don’t know Sammy!

@heffay LOL I wouldn’t expect you to know about woman issues love. I think age most women go through with menopause is in the mid 50’s???Ā shakes head

March 23, 2023

My ex was 52 when menopause kicked in. It seems like 60 would be too late in life. You might want a second opinion.

@kotila See? I’m not the only one! Thank you Jon!!!

March 23, 2023

Iā€™m 5 foot tall as well! But only because both my parents are short and Iā€™m also half Asian

@ladiwan My bio mom was 5’6. And my dad was like over 6’5. He was really tall.

March 23, 2023

good luck on your test

@ihavenoarms Merci Todd!