Woke up to my phone pinging incessantly, I know is Gabby G. I just… woke up lol… it might have been Alisha too… she is having a hard time with her stupid room-mate. Seems she doesn’t pull her weight. 🙁

I am going to pay both Pinky and Kate-ums $10 for helping Bees get up after she fell out of bed yesterday. I feel so grateful for them doing that. I mean Bees could have remained on the floor. I ordered three sets of guard rails for the Ghostbeds… bc these beds are tricky to get in and out of, esp. if you are fat like so…. but these rails will help, I am hoping. But I have lost weight since the pandemic! I was weighed yesterday and I lost 10 lbs!!

I am going to get Dave to write me a check for the usual $500 then, I’m going on Amazon and then, that’s it! Oh! And I’m getting a Switch AND a Nintendo Online membership! Oh the joys of banking freedom!! So, I can trade and stuff. Woohoo!!!

My switch is the pink one. My sister helped me choose it lol…

I can hear the darn mourning doves cooing in the tree outside my window… is there anyone who knows the significance of said bird????

I was going to watch Terrifier again last night but I just zonked out.

Questions will return.




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March 24, 2023

We have the same problem with the doves here as well. Maybe mating calls? Whatever the case, they annoy me as well.

March 24, 2023

@kotila They are creepy af. 😮

March 24, 2023

Oh yeah, you definitely don’t want people falling out of bed. Get those railings and have everyone be safe

March 24, 2023

@heffay Yupp. Luckily Bees wasn’t badly hurt.