What do you know to be true that you did not know a year ago?

There’s a couple things…

One is the extent of selfishness in people. I’m still in awe that folks will not get a safe vaccine to save lives and help end a pandemic we’ve all been struggling with for past 18(?) months. That still boggles my mind. When we were in the thick of this last year, I thought EVERYONE was waiting for this vaccine. I’d talk to people “This sucks, but hey, we should have that vaccine by fall and then it’s smooth sailing.” I thought everyone was onboard. I mean, why do people want to continue like this? Get vaccinated, slow the spread, end this. Why? WHY?! Why are there so many people not getting a simple shot to help end this?

I’m still holding out hope that the 5-11 year olds, plus the boosters will be enough to make things feel safe. I’ll likely be disappointed, but we got our daughter vaccinated and I’m hoping to get my booster soon.

Another thing is I didn’t realize I’d like being a manager of people. Over the summer I got my first direct report at work. A few weeks ago I got my second. In a little bit I will have another. I feel like I’m doing a good job and making a difference. I’m coding less now, but oddly feel busier, more exhausted, but more fulfilled. I am enjoying the new challenge of this. I especially like the mentoring aspect and making folks on my team feel empowered.

I haven’t written here in a while. Maybe I’ll write another post soon. 😊


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November 13, 2021

I am entirely disheartened to agree with you on your first point, the selfishness of people.
I’m coming to believe that the level of selfishness may have always been there, it’s just that huge numbers of people no longer feel any shame, indeed often feel great pride, in showing others how very selfish they can be. This saddens me inordinately.

November 14, 2021

@cobalt Yes, I believe that it was always there too. I knew there were many selfish people, but I guess I didn’t realize how many there actually were. And how many would just rather let a problem like this remain, rather than playing their small part in society to help end it. Also how many people could be easily influenced by people in power, media, misinformation, even internet memes… It’s really scary.