Hey 👋

I just told Siri that I forgot what I was doing and he had no idea either 😂 I’m pathetic sometimes. Ah well, nobody is perfect right? Not even Siri!

It’s hard to believe that it is practically Monday… the weekend went by so dang fast. Tomorrow is my laundry 🧺 day … it’s also Julz’ too. Gotta remind her .. ok, well.. imma gonna get some 🛌 soon, bc I want to play Style Savvy some. And! I am getting a switch with Julz too this week! I will buy some games too. 😁 She wants Let’s go Eevee, I want Shield, Violet and Scarlet, maybe Animal Crossing? Defo Diamond too. I can’t wait! 🥳 Pikmin too…


Well, nighty night.


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