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I am Mayank and you can call me THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK . lol whats’ up anyways??  i am new here so i guess i will just introduce myself  today. An average 16 year old will be the best description of me except that i don’t have much friends and that is why i am here typing what i feel so i might in touch with someone like me because i don’t have any hope of having friends at school now. It is not that I never had friends but after changing schools the world went topsy-turvy everything i was used to has changed and even after spending a whole session I am treated as an outsider.

Lemme rewind to back when life was golden, my old school and my old buddies everything i need right now. It was a place i could connect to mentally, let it be the teachers or students(seniors and juniors) i was a top notch student sports academics everything but now i am not being given enough opportunities. The teachers are very good here too but the students are like they have alienated me(except a few). And those few contain my friends such as Manishi,aarushi,uday,mridul,alafia,niharika,tabassum etc. Manishi is a real sweet heart she is always so concerned for me and protecting me having a girl like her is a blessing.

Apart from school life my personal life also does not have any special feature only my mom and my two sisters. Dad being an alcoholic left us when i was 6 only so i don,t have that role model but i look up to mom, she herself is a warrior and my role model as well. As far as my elder sisters are concerned both are older enough to have that bossy effect on me but they care for me more than anything. No significant event yet in my life except the passing of my maternal gandpa. He stood with us against the world when everyone was against us and of course a life maker my maternal grandma she is so hard working that i can not describe in words. Actually living as Mayank is not so fun i wish i could be an anime character some fun and thrill and adventure and yes romance. anime has been a big support for me in surviving thanks to Japan.

So I will take the leave for today

see ya tomorrow!

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August 26, 2020

wanna be friends with me??

August 26, 2020

Welcome to OD I hope you enjoy your time here.

August 29, 2020

Welcome to Opendiary!

September 3, 2020

Sorry you don’t have a support network right now. Life is really tough. I get it. Welcome to OD. Say whatever you want here. People are really accepting.