Frozen Heart

 When they come to take my corpse away due to death from the poisonous McRib I have recently ingested, tell them that I died in the name of science!

I rarely eat fast food but have a strange compulsion to try out the most horrible items available, just once each. The Double Down, the shrimp taco from Taco Bell, the list goes on. They’re always horrible. I guess it amuses me. The McRib is a worthy addition, though it’s not the most horrible thing I’ve consumed from such a place, just probably the one least made of real things. Heh.

Work was thankfully much better today. Any sticks that needed adjustments I did myself, or it was something that was out of my control anyway. I ran my own section of six beds until I was shooed off to do other stuff. I’m slow right now, but that’s how I’ll get better. I was even building rapport with the donors. One of them said I should be more confident. Ugh, is it that obvious? I feel like I generally keep a good reign on my emotions, and only let on things when I choose to. I suppose confidence is something more. With some people they seem to eminate an unmistakable aura. 

After my relatively short shift I took a nap in my car, as I was waiting for a friend to get back to me on hanging out, as he’s moving tomorrow. I still owe him sushi for helping work on my car, but I’ll make it up to him later on. Plus I was extremely tired. Most nights I have difficulty staying awake on the 15-20 minute drive home from work. I don’t get it. I got groceries, and now I’m here, to slack off the rest of the day.

I forgot about the "blizzard" last night. It wasn’t anything horrible, but there was snow everywhere and ice on some of the roads. For this area it’s relatively rare. Quite a few cars were on the side of the road, and even on the freeway traffic ran about half its normal speed. I somehow made it to work on time having left no earlier than I always do. I find it sad that people forget routinely how to drive in adverse conditions. By the time I left work it all had melted.

Today isn’t a great day, or even a good day. Things feel empty as they often do. Nothing bad happened, and work was okay, so I’ll take it. Perhaps it’s a faint start toward building some momentum again.

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December 19, 2012

ryn: Glad to hear from you! Don’t worry too much about catching up. I might have written a lot, but there wasn’t much going on. =) I’m actually a bit jealous of the OR/WA winters. I wish it would rain and/or snow here more!

December 19, 2012

The story was talking about psych-therapy [ie: counseling or whatever]. Physical therapy definitely would have made more logical sense. Look into the arranged marriage situation & let me know how it goes. haha. Now that my original partner is gone I’m going to have to get back out there. Although I’m sure by now my mom has already partnered with some other guy’s mom to put us together 😉 hah