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September 7, 2001

Ahh I got it… I may look smart, but that does not mean I am LOL Why in the world are you up at 5 in the morning?? Are you insane woman?? Go back to sleep and get some rest. You’re gonna need when you come back Monday *evil grin*

I could picture you stretching here…that kind of stretch that makes all the bones in your back know another day is about to begin *Smiles & Hugs*

see, and I pop a Mt. Dew and trip over a cat and curse my day into starting

*smiles* Just dropping in to say I hope you had a good day…have a wonderful weekend my friend! *Hugs*

*RYN*…we will *smiles*…have a wonderful night…and an awesome weekend! *Hugs & Love*

September 1, 2003

Getting up early when the world is naked and vulnerable is great. Much respect.