Oh the joy friends bring us. Today I had to deal with two very negative people. I came home tired and with a headache and a bit of a heartache and just feeling sad. Then I thought of all the fun I’ve had over the last few days just chatting away with some newly minted and wonderful friends and a dear old (young but I’ve known her for years) one; and how much joy and strength they’ve given me lately.

Some of them are a long long way from me in space but not in my heart. Some of them are even in the same time zone! But whether you’re sleeping peacefully as I write this; tossing and turning; brushing your teeth; making love; somewhere in cyber space like me; or none of the above, I just want to say thank you for making my heart soar and my spirit rebound from the day-to-day challenges life brings me; and I only hope that in some way I can do the same for you.

Good night or good morning or – well – just good and great things to all.

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So glad to see you smiling…friends are the greatest treasures…I am happy that you have met a few more *smiles*…even if you have to wear shades! *winks*…have a wonderful day and see you again soon…enjoy the chatting *Hugs & Love*

September 6, 2001

*jumps up and down* Ooh ooh am I the young friend?? What can I say about my enthusiam… umm I’m a youngen 😀 Now now, I’d never tell you to take a flying leap off the M15 *contemplates* maybe the M22… hehehe noooo I would never. I love you *big hugs* Ok now why would my butt be hurting?? Is that because I said I was gonna grab a bull’s balls?? (Me + the last part of your note = confused

September 6, 2001

cont… lol) I am glad I have you too my friend. I know I may complain that I have no one, but I know I have you and I am very gratful for that. I love our talks… second hand smoke and all 😉

Without the gift of loving friendships..where would we be?….I count each and every one of my friends as treasures, as indeed I do you now…*Soft smiles and warm hugs* B

September 1, 2003

treasure chest of humanness you so are . Much respect.