i can’t believe it

The shock is just now hitting me. I am shaking. I spent the whole day only 15 minutes – walking – from the World Trade Center. My children’s classrooms reverberated from the impact of the second crash.

My world and my life are inexorably changed.

I have to go and be. We are all alive and unharmed and in lower Manhattan.

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i’m really sorry!!!! i live near the pentagon and the shock is terrible!!! i spent all day comforting friends whose families work at the pentagon but it wasn’t nearly as earth-shattering at the twin towers……i’m sorry and i hope you feel better!! 🙂 eliSe


I know I speak for not only me but my fellow Canadians…those people that lost their lives…or are hurt and waiting for rscue…those in critical shape…those injured…the mothers and fathers…the children and sisters and brothers…the husbands and wives…the neighbors and friends…for all humanity (as we have all been touched by this horror)…lets pray for us all…*tears & fears*

I am so glad you and your loved ones are ok…what a horror for you to live through…and the next weeks will be terrible…I will hold you and yours near and dear to my heart and prayers *Hugs & Love*


Sighing and crying…….I am so happy to see that you and your family are all as well as can be expected….albeit..so scared. I am holding you close in heart. That my love and prayers goes without saying…Bren

thinking of you and so damn happy you are safe too…this is just too much

http://www.ny.com/wtclist.html List of SURVIVORS in the NY area

Still with you and your kids in thought cathy…Holding you close in heart …My Love to you. Bren

September 1, 2003

You are a Newyorker too, I should of guessed. Much respect. All lives changed.