So, things have been happening. Lots of things.

After things with Ed went down, I decided to venture out again and find what I really wanted. A relationship, with a nice guy. A single guy.

I ended up finding it faster than expected. Andrew.

Andrew is kind. We talked via email and text for a while before deciding to meet up one night for coffee. At first, it was just the idea of finally getting out and dating that pushed me forward. I told Ed about it, and things began to spiral out of control.

Suddenly, I have this new person in my life who wants the same things that I do. He’s kind and single and makes me feel good. But he’s not Ed. And meanwhile, I have Ed telling me how he’s feeling jealous and now knows what I felt like this whole time- to which I basically laughed in his face and told him to get a grip. Ed and I are friends now. In a weird way, it’s changed our relationship and the way we see each other. Having him still be in my life is a good feeling, and I feel more at ease around him an able to joke around more.

But, back to Andrew.

What to say.. Things are moving fast. They don’t feel all that fast, but I know they are. We went for a coffee date, we went for dinner and we watched a movie at his place. Then we went to play pool one night and I stayed over at his house. Since then, I’ve stayed over another night and I’ve even left a box of toiletries at his place.

The problem is, my mother is freaking.

I’m 30 fucking years old. It’s bad enough I live at home still, but it’s all the more complicated when you throw in a mother who won’t let go and trust you. I had planned to go to his place again tonight- we were going to see a late movie and I was going to stay over at his place and go to work from there tomorrow. It makes sense- it’s a seemingly normal thing for a 30 y/o woman to do. Except my mom came to my room this morning to ask me what my plans were for tonight and this is the conversation that happened….:

Mom: what are you doing tonight?
Me: going to a movie I think.
Mom: and you’re coming home after?
Me: no.
Mom: no, you’re coming home after! You can sleep in and go to work tomorrow instead of hanging around in Ottawa.
Me: *blank, open mouthed stare*
Mom: it’s too early for you to be staying over at his house.

And then she walked away.

Like… What? Did that happen for real? Did my mother just tell me I wasn’t allowed to stay over at his house?!

…. And the thing is, I am so used to living here and under her damn thumb that I’m actually considering listening to her. What the fuck?!

I’m so fucking … I don’t even have words.

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