Of various tasks that need to be done.

I always have trouble trying to think of a title. I sit here and debate what I’m going to write about and what I should call it, and then sometimes I lose the motivation to write anything based on the fact I can’t think of a good title. So this time, I’m writing first and I’ll title it later. Not that you, gentle reader, needed to know any of that.

I got up early this morning, as I usually do on Wednesday because it’s my office day. I painstakingly drove through rush-hour morning traffic and arrived at my office 5 minutes late only to find out that management isn’t even IN the office today because it’s being cleaned. Yes, that’s right- my supervisors once again neglected to tell me that they aren’t in the office and that it wasn’t necessary for me to drive all the way there (it took me an hour, btw) because they (and therefore, I) am working from home. Le sigh.

Actually, despite having wasted my morning commuting back and forth for no reason, I’m ok with “working” from home. I don’t have a whole ton of things to get done so I can do them while I also catch up on my laundry and cleaning and I can go and pick up a friend a little earlier than I expected. Erin is coming to visit for a few days because she needs to get away from her complicated life. That’s a whole other story tbh.

I actually have a list of things I would like to accomplish today as long as the weather cooperates. I really need to take the Christmas lights down, and the front and back yard are a complete mess. I have a roommate as I mentioned in the last entry, Ash, but she rarely does anything around the house. Even more so now because she’s pregnant and dealing with all day morning sickness. Apparently this means she’s unable to pick up her dishes, take care of her dog or help around the house. I try to be sympathetic because I’m sure it really sucks to feel sick all day- but at the same time I would trade almost anything to be in that situation. She’s done nothing but talk about how much she wants kids since I met her- and now that she’s finally with child she does nothing but complain about not feeling well and spends all of her time in bed when she’s not working (which she’s called in sick for at least 60% of her scheduled shifts since finding out she was preggo). Does complaining about her make me sound petty and jealous? Perhaps, but I’m not apologizing. Why do I need kids when I can take care of a pregnant adult that acts just like one.

I have things I want to write about too that I haven’t yet. For future reference (for myself) I want to talk about self reflection and who I am, My relationships and lack there of, Future plans, current situation and I’m sure so much more. I haven’t written regularly for a long time and I’d really like to get back into it for my own mental health. Which is another topic I could write about. Physical health too- as I’m on a journey to be more healthy and lose weight.

That’s it for now. I’ll return later.




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May 15, 2019

working from home is a win win!

May 15, 2019

Title after is always how I go as well. The unspoken mechanics of writing a diary entry!!
How nice that you are sympathetic for preggo roomie — I personally get worn down when someone complains too much around me. It is also hard living with someone who is annoying you so I hope that the dog is at least a bright side.