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Quick update from my iPhone…..

– Got a new tattoo with Erin. Can’t post pics from here apparently, but I will.

– Had a strange experience last night meeting Ed’s ex GF from a few years ago. We have the exact same tattoo on the exact same spot on our leg. WEIRD. For the record, I’m not threatened by her. Both Ed and her current BF think I’m amazing. (Long story, maybe another time).

– Had a sweet moment with Ed last night. In the midst of the meet with his ex and her partner, we were having a quiet, private moment and he pulled me in close, looked my in the eyes and whispered "I am so in love with you, more and more each day".

– Work is driving me nuts, but it’s still better than my last job. I just wish I could make more money or spend less on gas to get back and forth. I’m barely breaking even after bills. I’m trying to save for an apartment- which is impossible when you can’t afford to pay your visa bill.

– My health still sucks and something is clearly wrong with me, but I still can’t get in to see anyone until October.

– My grandpas health is also not good. – I turn 30 in 24 days. Don’t know whether to be scared or excited.

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