Brain Spillage Bullet Style

  • So, what’s new with me since I unglued myself in my last entry. Not a whole lot actually, just more angst and worry.
  • Let’s see, I earned a whopping $350.00 watching dogs this month so far. Whoopie, but it’s something. I have another little regular coming to stay next week and that’s another $125.00 so dayum, I am living large on $475.00 for this month when my monthly bills total near $3k. Woot. Fun times this isn’t. But? I am safe for February as everything has been paid already.
  • No word on the Motion for Reconsideration filed regarding my SSDI case. Yay.
  • I haven’t let the realtor in my house to photograph anything and his sign fell down during a storm and it’s in my garage. I’m having a really hard time wanting to let anyone in here to photograph my shit and place it all online for people to gawk at. We’ve already decided day one there will be ONE open house and that is it. I know I am not supposed to be here for it, but fuck that. It’s my house and I am going to be here. I will move my dogs and cats to my friend’s for that day. But I am NOT letting gawkers traipse through my home without me being here. It’s Lynn, freaking thievery abounds. All set.
  • Waiting to hear something from my mortgage company as to if they’ll allow me an abatement. Up until January I was current on my mortgage and prior to losing my job I was always paid a month in advance almost. It’s bothering the fuck out of me that I am two months behind now. I mean, REALLY bothering me. I did receive a notice that my escrow would be in the red by $158.00 – I at least sent that payment off to them today.
  • It has eaten away at me that I had a credit score of 827 and now it’s down to 7-something. Arg, do you know how hard and how long I worked to see a credit score that high for myself? Seeing it lower like that gives me a pain in my head. Fark.
  • I screwed my knee up a couple months ago while shoveling. This was pre-heart attack. I went to the ER and they spent more time focusing on my extremely high blood pressure and lab results. I had to remind them I had come for my knee. Well? That fucker is now acting up something major and I can’t for the fucking life of me figure out how the hell I hurt it again while fucking sleeping? Hello? Makes it fun to be in a full leg brace. How the fuck am I to get shit settled here with this bitch on? #FML
  • What else? Meh — nothing for now. Just don’t want to touch some of the stuff rattling around up here and open the fucking weeping well of woe today.


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