Holy Shit On A Slate Shingle!

Could it be?

Could I finally fucking have found a new job?! After looking for so damned long after being laid off from my former career of 16-years?!

Can I REALLY breathe again, knowing I am not about to go into deep debt before losing every.last.little.thing.I.own?
Can I not have to sell this home, too??

I really hope so!

For this particular moment in time I am just going to hold on tightly to this itty, bitty, shred of hope. It’s the slightest, sliver of hope I’ve had in all of this time. I am going to hold on even tighter to this small glimmer of happiness I am feeling. It’s been even longer since I’ve felt this feeling.

Christ – becoming homeless at my age in my physical condition was, no, IS, beyond a nightmare.
I just can’t go backwards in time to when I was 15-years-old.

Mostly, I was/am concerned about my furry family ‚Ķ I had already made the decision that I’d live in my car for as long as I could or had to in order to hold onto them. I would rather die than to have to break my promise to them that I would always, always take care of them for their entire lives.
I will never voluntarily break that promise.

Christ. Can I really, REALLY breathe again?
Please let me be able to answer that in the affirmative within the next few days!
Please and I swear I will never ask for anything else for myself ever, ever again!

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February 4, 2019

I hope you get the job.  Fingers crossed for you.

February 5, 2019

I hope you get the job

February 14, 2019

Did you get it??