Biggest hurdle down…

So I ended this glorious weekend with something from the shelf above our bed, falling on my head. Was lovely. I have a small lump and a cut.

So tonight they are gonna do a podcast on the events from the weekend’s investigation. I’m not really ready to deal with any info from that time or anything dealing with the paranormal yet honestly. Perhaps a week or so and I’ll be ok. I have a reiki session tomorrow afternoon. I’m hoping that helps. (That’s energy cleansing for those who don’t know what reiki is. It’s also amazing and I highly recommend it!) The woman we go to is great to talk to as well. She used to do shamanic work as well. On Wednesday, the shaman we work with is going to show me how to cleanse my energies at home as well. I feel like I got past this weekend, which was a huge hurdle and was incredibly hard, but now it’s in the past, I feel like maybe come next weekend and Nick is home (meaning not at work) and we go out with our friends on Saturday, I’ll feel a lot better. I haven’t spoken to my therapist since the middle of last week. We usually talk at least every other day…her bf’s father (the shaman we work with) has Covid, so they went there to help out. I could really use some of her insight though.  Well, time to go meditate.

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2 weeks ago

Does the reiki help you? I have thought about seeking someone out to help me.

2 weeks ago

@scarlettlee it does. Sometimes the things you feel/experience during it is pretty amazing as well. 🙂