Meditation Room

So today we’re going to clear out the “Florida room” or as most people would call it, the sun room, and turn it into a meditation, kind of “zen” type room.

My father in law will sadly be passing any day now. They had us come down to the hospital on Wednesday to see him and say our goodbyes. Now we’re just “waiting for the call” at this point. Hubby wants to start making the house “ours” and updating some stuff. I’m ok with that, I just don’t want to begin prematurely and upset his mom. We’ll start with the bottom level, where she rarely goes. So we’ll update the den and the half bathroom.

I have reiki tomorrow. I actually really enjoy those appointments. I’ve scheduled more for March and April. Both a couple of days before we investigate sanitariums. If you’ve never had a reiki session, I highly recommend. Some will offer remote sessions for those who are still leery about going out due to Covid.

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February 5, 2021

I need to look in the reiki as I know nothing about it

February 6, 2021

@kaliko it’s an energy cleansing. So amazing. Sometimes you feel things or have visions.

February 5, 2021

My grandparents had one of those rooms in their house. Their house was in Arizona, so they called it the “Arizona room.”  A meditation room in a space like that sounds amazing. So sorry about your FIL.