Fasted from the 3rd to the 10th and went from 55kg – 51.3. how annoying. i was thiiiiiiiis close to being back in the 50’s and now after food and water im at 53.5. i’ll fast until my brothers b’day on the 15th and then again until mums b’day on the 20th. Then one more time until the 1st of next month and even longer if i can. i’ve got 2 weeks of holidays before term 4 starts and i will 100% be below 50kg. Gotta have that thigh gap at the beach, and ribs for that bikini. a flat stomach for when i can finally go back to his, and wrists so small he can fit one of his hands around both. once im below 50 i can work to a healthy weight of 45 and maintain for a bit until finally going to 40…38…36…32…27. i can reach my goal weight and i will. either this year or the next i’ll get there, whatever it takes.

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