a bit closer

Angel stands with wings around me,
body close and warmth availed;
caresses I seek solely from her,
desperate to lose myself in
eyes that return every longing,
feelings that defy all doubt,
gratefulness that bids me tell her:
“Highest heaven on this earth,
I lose naught in giving to you;
joy you’ve birthed in full within me,
kisses christen life anew.”

Lover sits with legs astride me,
melting each knot from inside;
never will her body languish
overlooked while I am near,
pressed against her tight professing:
“Queen of all my secret hopes,
ready am I to adore you,
safe are you from harms once known;
thoughts of you entangled me,
usurping all my fear until I
volunteered my whole self freely,
worries now in short supply.”

X-ray vision, she sees through me,
yet from her I’d never hide;
zealously we live and love in kind.

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