the fifth chamber

I split your atom with my undivided attention, every knot caressed and pressed, the distress of every stress undressed until you wear a bare happiness of unbearable beauty, and it suits you.

Do not be afraid. Let the energy racing from its blast trace its path, damage from the aftermath be damned, for despite your preconceptions our collision course was unplanned, unmanned, unstoppable.

You’ve lived so long in a daze waiting to say “So long” to long days short on longing, a prayer that leaks into the earth as a song and dance hidden in every lilt of your voice and tilt of your head toward me.

And though you stayed strong through each breach of your loyalty, you reached your limit at the bitter ceiling of feeling undesired, now traded for the better feeling of reeling from my desire. From dearth to deluge, your starvation has become drowning in the sweeping wake of the tsunamis of love I generate, an incessant moment that won’t subside, always waving yet never goodbye.

So I wonder if your lungs can hold out, continue to breathe and withstand the fallout. For my heart is an engine cluttered with thoughts of you, in utter disarray it may seem, yet not once has it sputtered. It has been known to contain extreme pressures, now it’s wildly combusting just to see you. My love is nuclear, and your presence makes my heart grow fonder.

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November 13, 2019


November 17, 2019

@e3 Thank you so much for the appreciation, glad you liked it!