what I’d like

There’s a frown shaping your lips,
and I’d like to see it flipped
into a smile brave and true.

There are tears staining your cheek,
and I’d like to lift your week
by wiping all of them away.

There’s a birthmark on your back,
and I’d like to tell you that
an angel painted it with stars.

There’s a lilting in your speech,
and I’d like to savour each
and every word if it’s okay.

There’s a spider in your hair,
and I’d like to see you wear
the many silken strands it spins.

There’s a scar under your thigh,
and I’d like to ask you why
and how it came to be so deep.

There’s a dream inside your heart,
and I’d like to help you start
making the long walk to its end.

There’s a sparkle in your eye,
and I’d like to think that I
could perhaps be the reason why.

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