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Oh wow. Such…sweetness. I wonder so desperately what it’s like to actually possess the kind of love you write about. -Diane

this is |desiderata|; now you actually have a chance to you, see who i am. (my public diary will not be so “private” after all)

July 9, 2007

RYN: Thanks for your honesty. I guess what I heard in your earlier note was “You haven’t tested your limits. You’re in a rut. You’re highly avoidant.” I felt judged rather than encouraged…

July 9, 2007

I could defend myself, and explain exactly how I have tested my limits, and the severity of the pain I was in before I made the difficult decision to quit working. But it was never my intention to prove any point. Only to express my feelings about an issue that is very difficult for me. Be gentle, ok? I know you meant to 🙂

Hullo! You don’t know how surprised I was to see you in my “notes” column. Thank you SO MUCH for saying you think I’m an “excellent” writer. (i doubt myself in this capacity so much…) I think that you are an excellent poet. Imagination or no, you are on *two* of my favourites list (my private diary is not defunct, i just don’t use it as much anymore; i write on googledocs and just never publish)

Where do you live? It’s sweltering here. Please, please, please don’t stop writing. Coming here and reading what you write is one of the (decidedly few) reasons I have an OD account still). thanks; i like my diary too. I love modal, impro and bebop jazz (Horace Silver, John Coltrane and Hank Mobley). and love… a quiet obsession of mine i know that i probably will never really follow through on)

that’s why whenever you write about it, i leave a note like “i wish i could love like that”; because even though i know i have time on my side, my fear retards me in ways i cannot explain. and oh, the line popping into your head thing? you’re not the only one. that’s why *i* still write, even though i’ve thought of quitting many times.

Ah, Australia is such an interesting country; I hear it’s beautiful there, which is why I’ve *always* wanted to visit. I wear sweaters in July, that’s how cold I get all the time *it’s summer here in America*. I always wanted to go to Japan as well. It’s good that you love your family; I love mine too, but we have a complicated relationship. If you don’t mind me asking, just how old *are* you?

I play piano, yes, but not as well as my mother; she’s classically trained. i’ve been meaning to get *two* jazz piano theory books actually, i just have not had the money or the time to order them online. you sound like you have the same taste in music as i do- eclectic, and strange, and esoteric. most people hate the kind of music i love.

Free fortune-telling from a stranger. Hah. I have a feeling that you may be right anyway (I don’t think that I was made to be single, it’s *so* hard for me, but i don’t want to be a serial mongomasit either…) Your name is David? (I’m quite partial to that name, actually -Diane

And oh, the lights did indeed go out two nights ago. i loved it

humans definitely are not meant to lead solitary lives

July 11, 2007

this is sooo true! this is part of why i write my feelings in an online diary….so people can comment and help me feel as if im not alone. thank you for your comments and helping me to feel as if im not alone. i feel pretty terrible now…i wish i had someone i could talk to in person..but nobody cares. my husband just sleeps and no body cares…

July 11, 2007

i like the title..windcheaters..as if the coupling of two souls is a sweet secret. like a trump card or a video game cheat code. ha ha ha. interesting..

“love” is the wrong word. more like “anguish”. I sure hope that it *does* change to somebody else, though I’d like so very much for it to be nobody at all. It seems like my destiny is otherwise, however. I can think of three guys that have come up to me, trying to know me, in two days, no problem. Is somebody trying to tell me something? (or do i just need to turn down all of this sexy? LOL)

Don’t worry about me wishing you happy birthday, David. I don’t celebrate birthdays anyhow. I feel despondent about my age because I know it can only climb higher, but until then, I’m stuck in “not a child but not an adult either” mode. When I meet people, I refrain from telling them how old I am until they ask.

I’m trying the best I can to get over love. I can’t wait until I get my theory books so I can make some frigging progress. I have the music in my head, but I can’t put it down or get it out like I want to. I can’t wait until I get some technical ability. Maybe you’ll hear me on your radio one day…

I agree that inaction causes as much pain as action. The Bible says to speak “honestly with one another”. You can still be honest and not tactless. I hope that situation resolves itself…

An “ex-Christian”. Hmm. What caused you to leave? I think I understand why, but I’d like to hear why, from you. I’m a Jehovah’s Witness; going to church was…not pleasant for me, which is partly why it was so easy for me to switch to being a Witness. Going to the Kingdom Hall is one of the highlights of my week. I agree, God DOES make people shine.

“Chemicals in the brain” You make something that sounds so beautiful, that moves people to do something so beautiful, sound so cold and…not worth pursueing. LOL Isn’t *everything* we do facillitated by chemicals in the brain? It’s kind of accurate to call the body a machine…

It would be so…strange…if I ever good enough to be on the radio, even if I was on just a community station. I kind of doubt I will be,actually. Five siblings? Are you the oldest, the youngest, or somewhere in between?

July 13, 2007

ryn, id probably write whatever the feck i wanted, even if someone did pay me. which they dont. but i am accepting donations in the form of sex, poetry, art, adventure and intrigue, if you know anyone who is interested. hahaha.

July 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th to you to too. Only its not so happy for me. I’m a little glum this afternoon. Suppose I’d better go shower before work. I’m sure my co workers wouldn’t appreciate my body odour. LOL! Hope all is well w/ you. anything new goin on?

July 15, 2007

Are you having fun with your sister? A volunteer English course..that sounds like a lot of fun and very fulfilling. Wish I could sign up somewhere to do that. So what is your job again? Thanks again for all your notes. Hope you’re doin good. I am hoping to move back to Utah soon! TTl8er Alison

July 23, 2007

I, on the other hand, prefer a good oil heater 🙂 Hugs to my muse.