Here We Go

The majority of the students in my so-called top band, whom I adore, but nevertheless need to chastise, are not practicing.  I know, alert the media, right?  At semester’s end, I decided I’d had enough and gave the students major new assignments, which will force them to practice daily or fail.  In the past, I’ve tried to strike a balance between their academic loads and my musical demands, but no more.  Practice or die.  Or quit- whatever.  I may have a small band by week’s end but the kids will be damned dedicated.  The parental protests have already begun.  I’ve prepared a standard email response.  Let the games begin!

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January 23, 2009

I have my kids on alert, too. However, I’ve done it in increments beginning at the 2nd quarter. Now the stakes are higher this quarter. I gave my kids a self-evaluation of their skills and levels as well setting 5 goals for the quarter. They will be graded according to their growth in meeting these goals!