Feeling Discouraged πŸ˜”

So these past few days I’ve been trying to promote my art on social media. I posted here and there. But I only received negative feedback.

I feel so discouraged. I’m asking myself should I continue?

Should I?

I always try to think positively… maybe I should.

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Want to talk to me? I’m a willing ear. πŸ™‚

December 11, 2020

You SHOULD continue! It’s something your passionate about and hold dear! Never let ANYONE take that away from you! ❀

December 12, 2020

@anajyacaban thank you this gives me the courage. πŸ™‚

December 23, 2020

Your art, no matter what style it is, is unique just like you. You cannot expect to be liked by everyone in life. You are always going to have haters. That is the same with art. People either connect with it or they don’t. Some people get 1000 no’s before they get one yes. But it’s that one yes that matters. Somehow we have it backwards in life. We get one complement and it means nothing but one negative comment or judgment and it tears us to pieces. If you love it that is what matters. Be proud of it and show it off!