Chapter 1 Of My Book

This is basically a trial run if anyone sees it for feedback. It’s not set in stone yet as I’m sure I’ll add more to it later as I remember past events in my life.



You can only remember so far back in your life.  Along the path in your life, you might hear stories of you when you were a baby or when your siblings were babies.  You might get to hear stories of family members or friends.  Family and friends gather together, or it could be a short run-in at the grocery store.  Some of these stories could come along with pictures and videos.  And to be honest, for me it’s, “who really know what’s the truth.”  I personally prefer having the pictures and videos that go along with the story.  I’m a firm believer of, “No proof, it didn’t happen”.  My trust doesn’t go very far these days.

An old friend of mine told me a couple years back that I should start my book off with, “My earliest memory…”  Nope.  I do not want this to sound “pretty” because it wasn’t.  Ugly truths, ugly secrets, ugly lies, MY truths.  What I’ve lived through from start to finish.  Who knows what this book will uncover.  I’ve always said that I have nothing to hide, so here goes nothing.

From what I heard from Mawmaw, my story started at just three days old.  The way my Momma tells it, it began once I was conceived.  She also says I was number five because she miscarried due to, in my opinion, stupidity of her and other relatives.  The way my Daddy tells it is that this was all part of a little game my Mawmaw was doing.

Like I said before, “who knows what is really true.”  I do not know what to believe of all this.  So many things to put a newborn through.  Then the toddler stage.  Okay, my point is I remember well down to age two.  Not a whole bunch, but I do remember some.




When and if I get any feedback, I may post what I’m calling chapter 2.


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June 18, 2024

I’d love to read chapter two.

June 18, 2024

@sarcastrophe  please follow me. I have a couple post before this one that’ll give some insight on how my book is gonna go.