Last 90 days (day 2?)

So I didn’t update this during the weekend, but I was still sticking to my goals.

Today we got a new challenge to incorporate into our week: Taking 1 bad habit and turning it into a good habit.

So my bad habit I am going to correct is watching TV until I go to bed.

To turn this into a positive, I am going to turn (all) the screens off and start a book. Will read the last hour or so until I go to bed.

5 things I am grateful for today:

  1. Mark being home
  2. going to dinner at our friends tonight
  3. having a dinner plan for my work function
  4. Not buying a mocha today
  5. Having a good meal plan for toady

Still didn’t get up an hour earlier today, I did by about 15 mins. Baby steps, right?

Also am on track for my water intake!

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