Its been a long time since I have even looked at this site. Life sure has sped by this past year. I turned 60, retired and wondering what is next for me. I’m at a real turning point in my life. I am not sure where I am going to live, what I am going to do and so forth.
Because of Gov. Christi (New Jersey) there has been a mass exodus of teachers due to his threatening to revise the pension formula and health benefits. Along with other circumstances I retired unwillingly. I wanted to work another 2 years so I can collect social security.
But what is done is done.
I’m thinking about a few things…hiking the Appalachian trail, teaching at a private school and a few other ideas.
It’s quite a change…..
My grandson is a year old and very cute.  I watch him occasionally on some weekends.  We have a grand time walking, talking to the ducks and playing with toys.  He loves motorcycles and water.,,,,nice combo.
I’ve been cycling quite a bit lately to keep my mind clear.  I’ve done 50 miles this week thus far.
I’ve been going to the acupuncturist every week.  He is great and has been teaching me about meridians and diagnostic practices.  We are doing organs as of late.
I lay there with needles all over and we discuss organs and meridians. 
He has suggested I enter acupuncture school, but I’m not sure yet.  I’ll have to satisfy some pre-requsites first.  I’m not sure yet and I keep thinking of the trail.  I met a woman who is 77 and she will begin the trail in March.  WOW. 

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July 13, 2010

I’m glad you noted. I have wondered about you. I hope things get better from a job standpoint. I’m glad you are getting to spend time with your grandson.

July 13, 2010

Well darn, the fact that you’re 60 – can cycle 50 miles in a week & babysit & play with your grandson..I don’t feel sorry for you one bit!!! LOL!! I’m joshing with you (hope you get my humor…it is SICK, I admit. Here I am at 55 with my walker & won’t get too far from a bathroom!) Seriously, I hope things work out really good for you. It might be an exciting new chapter for you. You are very lucky to have that time with your grandson. Those grandkids are breaths of fresh air, aren’t they? It was good to see a post from you.

I’m glad to see an update. I would think it was super exciting to be retired. There are so many things on my bucket list. Oh, it is so lovely that you live near your grand son. I hope that happens with us when we finally have them.

July 14, 2010

I hope whatever you choose to do is fulfilling. It’s good to see you posting on here.