Dear diary,

I haven’t felt much like writing lately for several reasons. 1 I am very busy at work and very tired when I get home so I haven’t really felt like doing much. We get out for winter break on the 20th so that’ll be good. So far I don’t have a break during the day from 9:30 until 3:30 it’s nonstop. I eat lunch with the kids go outside with the kids and with the kids all day. Second I’m still having my dental implants work on since April and hopefully I’ll have you been the beginning of January. It’s been quite a process but I think in the end it’ll be well worth it. I just can’t wait to get the flipper out of my mouth and get rid of the poligrip which I can’t stand so it’ll be nice having permanent Bridge that actually works. Third Way I haven’t seen my grandson for 5 and 1/2 months and my daughter-in-law is still so angry at me for nothing that I am not invited for Christmas this year so far. They won’t talk to me they won’t answer the phone they won’t answer any texts so I gave up. My heart is broken but when your son is married to a narcissist there’s really not much you can do about it. I’ve been reading about narcissistic daughter-in- laws and how they affect families and boy you can hit the nail right on the head with her. They customarily find whatever you say wrong and offencive no matter if it’s positive it’s still viewed as wrong. They also keep their spouse and children away from family and friends which she is sort of doing. She’s not keeping them away from friends but she’s definitely keeping them away from family. My ex-husband and his wife are going to deliver my Christmas gifts to my grandson. They’re not fond of the daughter-in-law either but because my ex’s wife is a stepmother she’s not the enemy as much as I am. I wanted to see my grandson before Thanksgiving and she was Finding every way to have him with me for maybe an hour or so when he’s used to spending an overnight with me but that has stopped. So she got angry at me and told me that I don’t have visitation rights and that I’m always causing trouble on difficult to be around which is basically the opposite. I did tell her that I was tired of always being her Target and that she should take responsibility for her behaviour and anger. That may have been a mistake because now I’m cut off which is primarily a red flag for narcissism. They also brainwash their spouse into believing that they can’t live life without the narcissist and therefore are cut off from parents. It’s sad because everything I’ve read and and videos I’ve watched all say the same thing that once you’re cut off it’s basically for good so even though I’ve developed a strong relationship with my grandson wish now 9 I probably will not see him again. I feel like I’m grieving but I have to continue life. So Christmas I’ve decided to just stay home if some Chinese and watch movies. This is not one of my better Christmases. My narcissistic daughter-in-law is probably very happy because she’s never been happy that I’ve been around and basically hasn’t liked me from the beginning. My Wish and hope is that my grandson and survives all of this because he loves me dearly and I’m sure he misses me. I just don’t want him to grow up with issues but when you have somebody like this is a parent it’s inevitable. I’ve always told him that no matter what he does in life that I will always be here for him and maybe when he’s able to have his own phone and has more of a voice I’ll be able to see him hopefully. Well that’s it for now I’m going to take a shower go to bed I have work in the morning.

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December 20, 2018

Ah, sorry it’s come to this.