Pictures of Grandmom and Reilly

Dear Diary,
  Here’s the little guy.  I held him for two hours.  He is SO SO CUTE!  Everything went well and I had a good visit.  Mom is doing well and so is dad. 
Life just continues to amaze me!

Here he is…less then 24 hrs old.

Its hard to believe that I am a grandmother.  I couldn’t take my eyes off him!


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July 3, 2009

Awww! How sweet!!!

July 3, 2009

He’s beautiful! Look at all that hair!!! Awwwww – grandma – it’s the BEST!! xxoo

July 3, 2009

He is gorgeous!

July 3, 2009

That’s a look of pure love in that picture!! He’s a doll.

July 4, 2009

what a beautiful baby!!! look at all that hair! it’s great being a grandparent. take care,

RN: Congratulations! He is beautiful! x