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Dear Diary,
   Its been so long since I’ve written an entry.  A lot has been happening…time is going by and I am still traveling my journey to discover my truth. 
My daughter in law is not easy to deal with.  She is bent on not liking me which is causing strife in the relationship with my son.  I say nothing to him but I can see it in his eyes.  I believe all I can do is support him with his beliefs and his choices.  We’ve talked somewhat but I can see a major change in him.  I hope that things work out while there is hope and time. 
There are times when I like her and I see that we do have some things in common but she just won’t let go of that wedding crap.  Nothing was done to warrant this kind of anger. 
She hands the baby to my son to hand to me and she addresses him when she is talking to me.   It’s such control, which is entirely not necessary.  I hope things change so that the baby doesn’t have to chose sides.  
The little guy goes into child care this week and my son is worried.  He has been with him day and night for the past two weeks and he is very very attached.   By the looks of things he is the major care giver here. 
I’ve noticed some things that she does to create tension with the two families…step and me.  She takes pictures of us with the baby and sends them to all parties and excludes some photos depending on who she is pissed at.  She asked my son to take pictures the other day when I was there but I didn’t encourage it.  All went well considering.  I am very kind to her, I buy her gifts, I compliment her as I am not really taking her personally.  I think she has issues and I am not going to get involved with them.
School has begun and we now have 10 kindergartens in our school so I have renamed myself as the kindergarten cop LOL.
They are cute but they are little and frankly kindergarten is not my favorite.  I am rethinking retirement as I am not going to have enough funds to really be able to retire so I may hang in there for two more years.   It will boost my pension and I will be able to stay around my grandson.   Our new principal is not difficult to deal with so that part is not like having Dr. Asshole in the building.  We have many new and younger teachers who are really great and such good teachers.   They are all getting married and or having babies.  So there are weddings coming up and baby showers …. much fun.
I am feeling so much better then I felt last winter.  I had a flareup with Lyme and was in pain pretty much the whole winter.  I decided on acupuncture for the winter and that helped so much. 
I may restart it for this winter as a preventive measure. 
My mother is doing well at 83.  I might take her to thundermountain for the peaceweaver’s fall harvest gathering.
I stayed with them for 5 weeks this summer but I am not sure if that is what I want.  I love love the area but it is so remote and the one thing that I don’t like is that it is 6 hours away from my son and grandson.  I don’t think that is a really good idea.
Cookiepuss and hubby sold their house and are now staying with brother in law until cookiepuss retires in Dec and they move to North Carolina.  That was a biggy as Cookiepuss lived in that house since she was a teen.  Big Big change….
I miss the house but having gone through it myself, I understand it more.   Cookiepuss is doing ok and I am so happy she has hubby.
recent pics

Grandma feeding Reilly

getting ready to go for a ride

Happy boy

Dad playing with Reilly

Reilly loves to stand up!

more playing.

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I cannot help with the video stuff but I liked catching up and looking at the pictures of your grandson. I think killing people with kindness is always the best way to go.

October 24, 2009

Beautiful baby and proud grammy!!! HUGS