Working through this

Dear Diary,
Today is Friday…I made an appt. with a psychologist to help me sort thru this change. My retirement was not smooth as I was not planning on retiring this year so this may help.
I’m really worried about money. In New Jersey you can’t survive on what my pension allots me and since I’m a renter, I have to find a cheaper place to live.
There are options to this…one, stay here and try and find a couple of jobs….two, move out of state to a remote area and I could do it there and three, rent in a senior community which would be my last option.
I do wish I was NOT a worrier but I am.
Yesterday I went to the gym and did my legs and shoulders and last night I jogged a mile and walked the other four. I met this really sweet young couple and we had a nice chat for the last mile. The were great and it took my mind off of the constant worry.
I have to admit that retirement isn’t for me. I need something to do and since I do and need money too, work is what it will be.
I’m very careful about spending money right now.
I have several weddings this summer and that will be fun.
Our principal (why we get these wackadoo people) was suspended with pay pending investigation for being incompetent and she is…Dr. Asshole may have been mean but he did know how to run a school. 50 teachers from Lakewood retired and are out. They are hiring all hisidic women to replace these teachers so it looks as though the public schools in Lakewood will be private eventually.

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You will work this out. I would go for reduced rent even if it is in a senior community. You probably will enjoy it there.

July 21, 2010

Left a not on your last entry but just remember it’s scary when we reach that new level in life that we don’t know for sure what is out there. I made it thru my ordeal and I have found that peace and balance… I was going to move to my daughters in Montana but will hang here until I feel it’s the right time which might be never?LOL. take a deep breath and just live it one day at a time. HUGS

December 2, 2010

My goodness it’s been a long time since you wrote in here! I hope you are doing well?!!