Been a While

Its been a while since I had written on here!  Just been busy!  I decided to change my lifestyle a little bit for the better.  I’m taking it one step at a time because when I do it all at once, I get overwhelmed and I quit.

First thing:  Save Money….  I am no longer buying stupid random snacks at work that costs around $5 per day.  I bring things from home, and eat them there.  I bring my own drinks too!  Five days a week, four weeks… that’s $100 I can save for my new tattoo I want!  Plus, I stopped eating fast food!  It’s so convenient, and it’s so hard to say no!  I have things I want to do in life, and I want my kids to have nice things.  These compulsive buys are just the tip of the iceberg, and I can save so much by doing so!  I had a hard talk with myself, and I am aware I may fail from time to time, but I want to keep going.  

Second thing:  Exercise….  I have kids that look up to me… they are great!  I love them to death and I want them to have a good role model as well!  I want them to live a healthy life style.  I want them to be physically fit so they can enjoy hikes, camping, running, and pass on the good things to their kids.  I feel sooo good after an exercise!  I cannot believe how well I feel!  I have been doing a lot of running, squats, push-ups, sit ups, and some weight lifting.  There is something about this… I am in the best shape I have ever been!  When I was a kid, I couldn’t run long distances because my sides would ache and cramp up, and I would just give up… Now… I can almost run a mile with out it cramping up!  Its just time, work, and dedication.  Ive been doing this for about two months now, and I still can’t believe how well I feel!  

Well, I must get going, I have the day off, and I gotta go to the gym (cannot wait until the weather warms up… I don’t like to run outside in 23 degree weather), and run and just enjoy my “me” time.

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