Finally… A Day Off!

I’m glad I have the day off!  It feels good.  I’m doing little as possible, and yet, going through things.  I’ve had a soar throat for two days now, and I’m watching for a fever.  Nothing yet, my nose will run once in a while, but nothing major.  I feel fine… just a runny nose and a soar throat.  I think my allergies are making my nose run and its dripping down the back of my throat making it soar.  But if I peak a fever, then, I will get tested for COVID.  If I do have it, I have a two week vacation! LOL  I’m a hermit… I love being at home.  I deal with people all day everyday, and here I am!

I have been so excited to go to school for Law Enforcement… I’m stoked!  I’ve been running (which I like to do anyways), push-ups, sit-ups, squats, weight lifting, etc… I love it!  Makes me feel so good afterwards!  I really feel serving the community and keeping people safe is going to be a great reward!  Yes, I will be seeing things I would never want to see, however, there is evil out there, and its sad to say, but it is the world we live in.  To help that mother that is being beaten by her husband in front of their kids, to help the old lady crossing the road, to see a distraught child and help them calm down, to show people this world is a great place to be, live it up to its potential.

I finally broke down and bought me a new pair of running shoes… My other ones kind of had a blow-out on the side where my little toe was hanging out.   I’ve never been a shoe kind of person.  I will wear it out and go buy a new shoe.  I have maybe a total three pairs of shoes. I have my running shoes and I wear them every day, my trail running shoes, I wear once in a while, and my hunting boots, I wear a lot during the winter.

Well, I must get going. I am going to pick up clutter, and put things away and scrub my floor.

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November 13, 2020

that is a great goal! and you are well prepared too